Can we learn something from Eurovision?

There’s this European contest that’s been going on for the last 50 years or so… Have you heard of it? It’s called the Eurovision Song Contest. It took place this year in the Central Asian country ofAzerbaijan and the finals were broadcasted live last week, with Sweden taking home the sweeet prize and prestige! It’s kind of like American Idol (for the US) but instead of just having people compete to get to the finals, every country in Europe has a “representative” who sings for the nation. The winner (i.e. winning country) gets to host the next Eurovision Song Contest – yay!

While it seems that the contest is highly political with (i’m assuming) countries probably paying for top talent to win and shine a spotlight on the country, the Europeans (and Australian) who came over to watch Eurovision at our place (sad, but true – see photo above for proof) said that it was less serious in the past. I’d have to agree… the weirder the acts the better and more memorable. Ok, the Russian grandmothers singing were great, but the highlights for me were the Lithuanian and Irish acts – just awesome! Check ’em out below.

Sure times have change and it would be great to have things stay the way they are, but technology has had an impact on social evolution (whether good or bad), and more and more, the media, the way we communicate, and how we make choices and decisions are being influenced by technology.

I know it’s not new, but for the Eurovision Song Contest, it was the first time I’d ever sent a text message (paid 80cents per message) to vote for the Lithuanian and Irish acts! Not only has technology made it easier, but it’s just the way we DO things now. With all this information used to make decisions and to better understand our world, are we entering a new age of “social production” where collaboration via the web can help to bring innovation and solutions to the world?

Here are a couple of videos that tend to think so…

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