The future of a nation rests on… Helvetica?

Simple, yet powerful, the above photo is all about making a choice that decided the future of a nation… It’s funny how black text on a white background is still the ‘go to’ way to communicate despite all the technology and different ways we can share information and communicate. Sure, there’s instant messaging, facebook-ing, tweeting, and who knows what else, but the simple act of writing or printing a few words on a piece of paper is still so powerful.

Google's Doodle for May 6 - the 2nd round of elections in France

The same goes with signs – they are practical, useful, yet simple in helping us understand and make decisions. You’ve seen them in shops, at the airport, when you’re driving and there’s a science and art behind these everyday things that help you live your life. Ever heard of “wayfinding”? Check out this article for a brief intro into the “The Surprisingly Complex Art of Urban Wayfinding“.

Voting stations during 2012 French Presidential elections

I’ve noticed people fumbling with the phones and/or other hi-tech gear to take someones phone number. There’s plenty of ways to take down someone’s digits – Bluetooth data transfer, digital signatures, manual entry into your phonebook, calling a person so they have your number – actually we’re pretty creative when trying to save a phone number! BUT it’s just so much easier (and faster) to have a pen and a piece of paper. Here’s an experiment: the next time you’re talking to someone, ask them for a pen and see if they have one or if they turn to their mobile phone or tablet to take down notes!


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