It's true, France is full of wine and cheese

Sanary Sur Mer
(Sanary Sur Mer – about a 4 hour highspeed train south of Paris along the Mediteranean Sea)

Just got back from Paris this morning and, boy, am I tired! Haven't experienced jetlag for over a year and its a little difficult to get use to. It was a wonderful place and we were lucky to have nice weather most of the time. It's funny to think that I got more tanned in France than in Thailand. Spent most of the time down south in Sanary Sur Mer (Sanary by the sea) and then a weekend in Paris… a whirlwind tour of 10 days in France. I've put together a montage of photos for your perusal. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you want to here more specifics.  You can find photos in a gallery-style HERE or photos in a postcard-style HERE.


4 thoughts on “It's true, France is full of wine and cheese”

  1. Thanks for the fantastic pictures and company!
    Vive la France!!

    To our next trip 🙂

    Khun Muli

  2. your pics make me wanna go France. jingjing!!
    I’d like to learn how to take a picture like you : )

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