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Two worlds collide

fresh meat
(Taken by Muriel, this is the typicall scene of shopping for meat at the markets in Thailand… it may look dirty, but this is the freshest meat you can find for cooking)

Just in time for my cousins arrival, I was finally able to speak. It started about a week ago when i was sitting in a cozy (and very cold) meeting room at the UN for a training. Unbeknowst to me, I somehow caught some kind of throat infection.  I didn’t really worry too much about this slight itch in my throat, but after about a day I realized I was losing my voice.

It didn’t help much that a couple of days later, I was screaming at the referee in a basketball game between the my basketball club at the UN and the visiting team from Mission Hospital (hope to post some pictures from the game in the next couple of days).
(Felix is from my dad’s side of the family and is not as distant of a cousin as Vanessa. We’re first cousins. Here we are acting, surprise surprise, like idiots…)

Having spent some time recovering from my lost voice from the infection, which I am still taking anti-biotics for, and the screaming during the bball game, I finally got my voice back (although not to full strength) when my cousin Vanessa came back to Bangkok from a diving trip in Phuket, and my cousin Felix came for a 3-day holiday.  We all came together for a nice dinner along the river with a few of my friends and their friends… it was really nice to chill out and enjoy some good food.
(Learning how to cook, thai-style… Muriel, Me and Ken… We’re all taking salsa lessons and thought this would be a nice thing to do for my cousin Vanessa and her friend Mandy on their last day in Bangkok.  If you’re ever in Bangkok and want an authentic thai cooking experience check out Silom Thai Cooking School)

veggie shopping
(Vanessa is from my mom’s side of the family and is a distant cousin… how distant can it get? well, let’s just say we’re related because our great-grandmothers were sisters! Our shopping baskets full before we head to our Thai cooking course)

If you ever wanted to know about unpaid internships with international organizations and what a lot of students/graduates (including me) are faced with in the world of international development, check out this article… Why Not Practice What We Preach?
Adam Davies and Tom Allen argue that unpaid internships go against all of the values that international development NGOs preach.


tom yum
(The first dish we made was Tom Yum Goong… and oh was it tasty…)

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