Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)

Emergency Sex

Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) gives a pretty good insight into the lives of three humanitarians / peacekeepers and the work they do towards the very holistic ideas of the United Nations. Its a book that highlights the struggles/conflicts we have in the 20th century with the real-life stories of these twenty-something peacekeepers. Full of witty comments and perspectives on the work of the United Nations, it was a book I desperately wanted to finish. As you move through the book, you begin with the very noble mentality that the writers go through until you realize at the end that many of the things that young people chase (i.e. idealism, work for a greater cause) is actually not in the physical support of countries in conflict, but the human touches that you go through in life that shape who you are and what you want for yourself.

Its an exciting read full of travels and life in Cambodia, Liberia, Haiti, Bosnia, among other countries where the writers experience love, sex, drugs, humanitarian work and the feelings and emotions that most people go through in various stages in their lives. While I haven’t been in many conflict zones, i do feel that I have shared similar paths with this group. The ideas of stability, friends, working towards a greater good, are all familiar.

If you have time and want to get the personal experiences in the humanitarian and peacekeeping world with a little culture and travels to distance and relatively untrodden paths thrown in, I would recommend this book.


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