The highlight of Geneva’s winter

A few photos from the past month In Geneva, the highlight of the year is the Escalade, a one-week event to commemorate and celebrate an important part of Genevas history. One of the main events is a 7km run around Genevas old town of It usually takes place in the second week of December. This year winter came early and so there was a ton of snow around the city. Beautiful yet it caused a bit of havoc in the city and they were thinking of canceling the Escalade, because of the icy conditions for the runners. But on the day of the event, the sun shone through and the city work hard to de-ice the streets. Even though the temperature never went above 0C, it was a great time to walk around Geneva and enjoy a hot chocolate or vin chaud.

The sky was super blue and the steam and heat from chimneys were silently serene.

Trudging through the snow wasn’t high on people’s lists, but the big snow fall was over in time for the weekend festivities.

This will probably my last set of photos before the new year unless something amazing happens and Im lucky enough to have my camera with me… Merry Christmas!

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