The Mind of the Strategist

Strategy. The word is one that gets thrown around a lot especially with more and more opportunities to start a business, improve an organization, or just be plain, dare I say it, “strategic”. I’m guilty of using the word more often than I need to. But I decided while reading books on advertising that it would probably be a good investment to learn really what all this talk about “strategy” is about.

The one book that keeps coming up as a “classic” is The Mind of the Strategist by Kenichi Ohmae. Written in the early 80s by Dr. Ohmae, known as “Mr. Strategy” worldwide, the book looks at strategic planning for business and uses examples from his consultancy work with Japanese companies. I figured if the book is about strategic planning to improve the success of the private sector, then the theories and processes should also apply to the public sector (i.e. government, UN, NGOs, non-profits) – after all the essence of any business/company/organization is to be successful at what it does. Given the nature of organizations like the UN with diverse agendas and numerous staff spread over a number of offices around the world, a bit of insight from this book could be helpful.

I’ve just started reading the book. To spare the details, I’m going to ‘tweet’ key ideas that I come across while reading the book.

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