The Return of Euro-Work

Geneva. This is where I’ll be for the next 6 months. International development work especially with the United Nations is generally sporadic and short-term – that’s why I’ve been moving around a lot these past few years. I finally made it back to Europe – in 2005, I spent almost half a year in Eastern Europe with a week stopover in Geneva. Even after spending a week in the city five years ago, the cityscape is still familiar albeit a little fuzzy.

I came right at the cusp of the changing of the seasons… most of the first few days were great in the city. 20+ degrees with clear blue skies… I took advantage of it by walking around different parts of the city. But now in the latter half of the week, it’s been raining and the air seems to be signaling the first signs of autumn. It’s still great to be able to walk on the street and take things slow, which the city is quite catered to. Nothing is open beyond 9pm (and that’s only on Thursday)… most shops and stores close by 6pm from Monday to Saturday. It you have any errands to run, forget about Sunday… everything shuts down. I guess if God rested on Sunday, so should Geneva – but I think this is also quite common in France and other parts of Western Europe.

So now the pressure is on to find a place to live for the next 6 months so I can focus on other things (i.e. work, skiing, visiting other parts of Switzerland).

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