Two thumbs up for Megaria

From stores and vendors selling rows and rows of pirated CDs and DVDs, art-house movie groups, to luxurious and plush movie theatres, you can watch just about any movie in Jakarta – although I have a feeling there’s a bit of censorship around. Cheap, air-conditioned, and comfortable, going to the movie theatre is an inexpensive and entertaining thing to do in this hectic city, as long as you can brave the traffic congestion that includes cars, motorcyles, buses, and Bajajs – usually bright orange and noisy, these traditional transportation vehicles became popular in India where they were developed with Vespa and later imported to and built in Indonesia (the photo above).

Movie prices range from USD$2 to $5 depending on the time of the day or type of movie. Going to a movie theatre usually means going to the mall because the mall is kind of a one-stop-shop to movies, coffee shops, supermarkets, and an environment that’s catered to walking. But, I found the Metropole XXI movie theatre in the Menteng district, where President Obama spent his childhood, which isn’t attached to a mall or any other type of shopping complex. One top of this, the movie theatre is part of the Megaria building, the largest remaining Art Deco building in the city and was listed as an architectural heritage site by the governor in 1993.

I found this poster just outside of the movie theatre and it looks like an Obama movie came out in July. I wonder where I can find it.

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