About Me

Life is a strange and twisted journey. I started this blog back in 2006 to keep track of my travels, work, photography, and interest in what is “communications”?. It’s evolved a lot over the years with different topics and subjects that mirrored my life at the given time.

Since 2006, my life’s journey has taken me around the world with the United Nations and through countless experiences and adventures… this includes meeting the love of my life (who took this photo of me during our week-long trek in the Moroccan desert) and having a beautiful daughter. My wife passed away in 2015 from post-partum depression and it’s made me rethink the purpose of this blog.

While you might still find travels and thoughts here, you’ll probably also find more specific things like what’s it like being a single father and parenting and why there should be more attention on mental health issues.

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